From a tour of the Soviet Union in 1990 to eighteen shows
at Dollywood’s Valley Theater in the heart of Tennessee,
the General Guinness Band has performed the music of
Ireland for over 35 years. Hundreds of concert programs
and festivals, numerous television and radio programs, and
even a guest appearance with the Chieftains have allowed
the band to share their music far and wide.

The band combines songs collected by vocalist and Kilkenny,
Ireland native James O’Shea with energetic fiddle tunes, four
part harmonies, and Irish step dancing. The band’s richly
told stories-in-song also incorporate humor and provide
insight into the charming lore and myth of the Irish.

Traditional through and through. Repertoire heard
nowhere else.
" their own way, [The General Guinness Band] are lords of the dance -- without glitz, fog machines, or
canned music."                                                                                                          The Kalamazoo Gazette

Photo by George C. Anderson